Dr Jasvant Modi

Dr. Jasvant Modi was born in 1951 in a city called Godhra in the state of Ahmedabad in India. He went to B.J. Medical College and earned his medical degree in 1973. In 1975, Dr. Modi immigrated to the United States. He got his job at Hinton Hospital in West Virginia and worked there for two years. He later moved to McKeesport, Pennsylvania to do more medical training, and later did his residency in Chicago, Illinois. Jasvant became a Gastroenterologist.

Dr. Meera Modi was born in 1949 in a city called Wankaner in the state of Kathiawar in India. She went to Lady Hardinge Medical College in New Delhi, and earned her medical degree in 1972. Dr. Modi immigrated to the United States in 1975. She first lived in Los Angeles, California and then did her residency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She later moved to Chicago, Illinois and became an Internist.

Jasvant and Meera Modi got married on May 12, 1979, and first lived in Chicago together. They had a son, Rushabh Modi, in 1982, and later had a daughter, Shruti Modi, in 1988.

Although Jasvant and Meera Modi didn’t grow up together, they grew up with the same values. They both grew up in humble cities and had very little money. Their families always said that working hard for a good education was what they needed to do to have a successful future. Their families also said that helping others was the key to a meaningful life.

And, their families were Jain, a religion centered around non-violence, non-possessiveness, and acceptance of multiple viewpoints. Jasvant and Meera both took these principles to heart. They both studied hard and became successful physicians. Throughout their careers, they never forgot their roots and always wanted to help others. When they saw patients, they were compassionate and caring. After decades of working, Jasvant and Meera are in a new stage of their lives. Their children are adults now, and they are dedicating more time to Jainism and philanthropy.

Their goals are to spread the values of Jainism to others, by establishing endowed chairs at various United States universities. They also hope to help their home country by donating money to build schools, hospitals, and kitchens. Throughout their lives, they had help and support from family, friends, and mentors who saw their promise and potential. They hope to spread that kindness and generosity to other bright people who can also donate their time and effort to spreading similar values to our world.

Jasvant and Meera Modi have learned that happiness is the most important thing to have, and they believe happiness is achieved through family, friends, society, and faith. These are the principles that their foundation is based upon, and they plan to continue their humanitarian efforts.